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About me

Hello my name is Martin Drumev.

I come from Bulgaria, but lived in
the Netherlands for 7 years(21 years old). In the summer of 2019 I achieved
my dream to start living in Bulgaria again.

​When I was 7 I started living in the capital
of Bulgaria, Sofia, where I began training

After 2 years of hard training
I joined the Bulgarian national team.
Until 11 I was training very hard.I had to stay 7 hours a day in the gym. Then I stopped and became fat, very fat.
After that I went back to my hometown.​

In that time I couldn’t even do a backflip.I was really sad and despaired.

​​At age of 14 I went to the Netherlands for better education. I started doing fitness and lost some weight.

The next year I found the gym where
I was training for 6 years. ​The first year I was doing some freerunning
but then I changed mind and kept tumbling. Also when I was 16 I started with tricking.

In 2017 I had the scariest injury ever, it was a neck injury.
It was scary because I was losing my memory. 4 months after they fixed
my neck, the memory lost was gone.

In 2016 I landed 2 world’s first combos and
in 2019 I landed 3 world’s first combos.

I studied engineering in the College and
graduated 2019. I was able to take 2 years in one.

And now… Now living my dream life as a full time YouTuber.

Check out my flips on youtube by clicking the image below


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